Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wrapping Paper Dress!

As we prepare for the Holidays you will notice a new dress in our store window... Don't be alarmed, we are not using snow flake patterned fabric for our wedding gowns.... it's WRAPPING PAPER! Yep that's right... the dress is constructed of wrapping paper. Something I've always thought would be fun to do..and it was :)

I didn't really have a complete design made up in my head before I started but as I progressed it just kind of came together. Not the best, but for a 1st timer and paper.... not too shabby either! Hope you have a happy holiday season and PLEASE visit the day after Thanksgiving starting at Midnight. We are holding an UNBELIEVABLE sale! Dresses up to 75% off and limited quantities!!! You can visit the website now to get sneak peaks every few days at what dresses will be on sale and the sale price!

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